Rollins Lab MDI Biological Laboratory 159 Old Bar Harbor Rd Bar Harbor, ME 04609

Lab Members

Jarod Rollins: Assistant Professor

Dr. Rollins is a Maine native who has worked and lived abroad. After graduating with Bachelor’s degree in Molecular Biology at the University of Maine of Orono, he went on to work at the Jackson Laboratory as a research assistant in the field of heart disease.  Jarod left Maine to study abroad in Germany where he first earned a Masters in Molecular Bioengineering and then a Ph.D. in Genetics studying drought resistance in Barley. After returning to Maine, Jarod worked for several years at the MDI Biological Laboratory as a Post-doc. He is now an Assistant Professor leading his lab in studying the biology of aging with a focus on the ribosome. Dr. Rollins is a project leader on the MDI Biological Laboratory’s COBRE.  As the chair of MDIBL’s seminar committee, Jarod is always on the lookout for engaging speakers to come their work at our institute.

Hannah Somers: Research Assistant I

Hannah is a Maine Maritime Academy graduate with a B.S. in Marine Biology.  She spent three years working as a laboratory assistant for the METEL lab (Marine Engine Testing and Emissions Laboratory).  Hannah was responsible for maintaining the microalga Dunaliella tertiolecta,  as well as developing protocols that would allow us to utilize the glycerol produced by D. tertiolecta under hyperosmotic conditions as a biodiesel. Her work on that project  concluded in April of 2019, and culminated in a final paper reported to the Maine Department of Transportation.  While at Maine Maritime Hannah played Soccer and Ultimate Frisbee and enjoys photography as a hobby.  She has two birds (Rick and Morty), and loves spending time on the water. Hannah plans to pursue a Masters degree in the future, and looks forward to learning from the wonderful people at MDI Biological Laboratory.

Previous members:

Daniel Shaffer: Research Assistant II

Emily Villalon : Research Assistant I

Benjamin Garthoff: Research Assistant I

Sarah Nichols : Summer Student 2019

Ryan Tebo: Summer Student 2018

Nick Pederson: Summer Student 2018